Carrier Services

To be a world class Wholesale Products and Services provider, offering outstanding quality services, excellent customer relationship management and value for money, through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation.
To provide world class, diverse, and affordable wholesale products and services with excellent 24/7 after sales support.

Carrier Services Department (CSD) is the Wholesale arm of bmobile satisfying the needs of Service Providers, Other Concessionaires (OC), International Carriers, Internet Service Providers and Local Operators, in the market with Wholesale Products and Services that have the capabilities for Voice, Data and Mobility. 


Wholesale Domestic Services

Wholesale Domestic Circuit [WDC]
Is the provision of domestic lease circuits between two points of the Service Taker network: between the Service Taker and another concessionaire or between the Service Taker and blink/ bmobile.
Wholesale Internet Access Service [WIAS]
It is the provision of domestic leased circuits that provide Internet Access to domestic Internet Service Providers, for resale by the Service Taker.

Wholesale International Circuit [WIC]
This is an internationally-leased circuit between the Service Taker and an international destination, from blink/bmobile’s Central Office to an international half circuit or full circuit

International Backhaul Domestic Circuit [IBDC]
These comprise of domestic circuits that are used to provide cable landing or earth stations to switches or gateways located domestically,

Metro Ethernet
This is a general term used to describe an Ethernet technology network in a metropolitan area. Metro Ethernet is used for connectivity between corporate sites that are separated geographically.

Interconnect Services

- Domestic Interconnect Services
 Facilitates the origination and termination of domestic voice services from a Concessionaire to TSTT and other Local operators.
- International Voice Interconnect Services
Facilitates termination of International Traffic to Trinidad and Tobago and Negotiation of International Settlement Rates.

- Offer of terms and conditions for Domestic interconnection
June 2nd, 2006 - Pursuant to section 25(2)(g) of the Telecommunications Act, 2001, TSTT's terms and conditions for interconnection are set out in the following PDF files

•    Legal Framework, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 1 - Definitions, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 2 - Service Descriptions, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 3 - Service Schedule, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 4 - Parameter Schedule, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 5 - Joint Working Manual, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule 6 - Tariff Schedule, June 2006 download link PDF
•    Schedule F - Quality of Service Requirements for Trinidad and Tobago, June 2006 download link PDF
Further information regarding the Regulations of Trinidad & Tobago, you can view the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago website: