Directory Assistance 6411

Calling 6411 allows you to obtain the listed telephone number and address of a person, business, non-profit organization, government or non-government organization which is required. Newly installed telephone numbers which are not in the Telephone Directory are also available through this service. NB: Unlisted telephone numbers are never released to the general public.

In keeping with the new legal and regulatory framework governing the telecommunications sector in Trinidad and Tobago, a charge of $1.00 VAT exclusive per call was introduced on September 1st, 2006, for calls to Directory Enquiries (6411) from fixed line and mobile phones.

Fixed line customers are entitled to two (2) free calls per month to Directory Enquiries. In addition, all fixed line customers who are visually impaired ** are exempted from this charge of $1.00 per call.

TSTT will continue to have Telephone Directories available annually for the benefit of all our customers free of charge.

** Visually impaired registered owners of fixed lines must register with either the Blind Welfare Association or the Disability Unit of the Ministry of Social Development. These units are charged with the responsibility of authenticating the visually impaired status of individuals and will provide this information to TSTT. There are different centers affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development across Trinidad & Tobago.