TSTT Bill Payment

TSTT Bill payment is the new way to pay your bmobile, blink and TSTT fixed line bills, all at select authorized bmobile Channel dealers. All you need is your fixed line number or mobile account number, no bill required. Transactions are private and secure and your payment is reflected on your account within 24 hours. TSTT Bill Payment, another convenient, hassle free way to pay!

Way2Pay Bill Payment

Participating Dealers will display the TSTT Way2Pay sticker and Posters in store.

The information is also available on the TSTT and Bmobile website and on brochures distributed to all customers in their mailed TSTT & Bmobile bills.

No. Only Select Dealers have been authorized to collect Payments for TSTT using this service.

More Dealers may be added in the coming months.

Yes. Customers can make payments to several Bills e.g. Mobile and Fixed Line in one payment transaction.

If separate receipts are required, customers should indicate this to the cashier and make the payments tin separate transactions.

Dealers will provide customers with a payment receipt, which customers should retain as proof of payment for their records.

Upon receiving the receipt, customers are encouraged to read and ensure that the information (number/ account and amount paid) recorded / entered is correct, before leaving the Dealer premises.

Customers can contact 824-TSTT (8788) after twenty-four (24) hours to verify whether the payment has been received and applied to their account

The payment will also be noted on the next bill you receive from TSTT.

Customer should keep their receipts in case they need to refer to the payment information for any queries.

Yes. Customers can pay the reconnection charge using this service. Customers will need to specify to the cashier that the service is currently disconnected and that they wish to include the reconnection fee in the payment.

Payments are received within hours. Final updates are done overnight. Customers are guaranteed that their account will be updated by twenty- four (24)-hours

No. Bmobile Dealers are only authorized to accept CASH payments for this service.

No. The customer is not charged any fee to use this service.

No. This is a walk-in process. Customers can visit participating Dealer stores, present their account information and pay their bill.

No. Customers do not need a printed bill to pay using this service. Customers can request the balance owed on the account by providing the telephone number on the fixed line account or the account number for their mobile phones

Customers can pay for all TSTT services. These include Fixed line, Internet, BLINK Broadband and Bmobile Bills.

TSTT Bill Payment at Authorized Bmobile Dealers is a service which allows customers to make payments on TSTT Bills without having to visit a TSTT Customer Service Center.

With this service customers can pay their bills and be confident that the payments will be credited to their account on the same day, within hours.