14 Months with hard labour for cable vandal

Trinidad - Magistrate Gillian Scotland sent a strong signal to vandals of TSTT cables when on Tuesday, March 2 she sentenced Sheldon David of North Oropouche Rd, Sangre Grande to 14 months hard labour for unlawfully and maliciously committing damage to an installation of a public telecommunications network contrary to section 69 (1) of the Telecommunications Act Chapter 47:31.

The evidence presented against David was that on February 16, TSTT Security personnel responded to an alarm that was triggered by damage to TSTT’s network in the Sangre Grande area. The officers, with the assistance of the Sangre Grande police, conducted enquiries and held David, who was subsequently arrested for severing and removing 70 metres of TSTT cable valued at $8,582.00.

The matter was previously called at the Sangre Grande 1st Magistrate’s Court on the 17th, 18th and 24th of February 2010, and postponed until March 2, 2010. When it was called before Magistrate Scotland, the defendant pleaded guilty and was given a sentence of 14 months with hard labour.

This is the strongest sentence imposed on a person arrested for vandalizing TSTT’s cables and the company hopes that it sends a clear message to deter anyone from engaging in this activity.