Be Secure on the Net

From time to time Internet users may become vulnerable from malicious attacks by viruses ciruclating on the net, or orginiating from SPAM. Customers should be aware of viruses such as mass-mailing worms that utilize several methods to spread itself to systems running various releases of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Its main goal is simply to spread over the Internet and Intranet, infecting as many users as possible and creating so much traffic that networks are virtually unusable. The infected systems coudl be used as a relay to send Email to a multitude of recipients on various networks, both fictitious and real. 

Customers are encouraged to be more vigilant when on the Internet. We strongly recommend the latest security patches be applied and also suggest that a personal firewall system he considered. These personal firewall systems will provide your computer with some protection while online.  Information and protection of systems from viruses can he found at Microsoft or Symantec ) web sites.

There are personal firewalls available from various manufactures such as Mcafee, Norton, Zonealarm, etc. that are worth considering. Zonealarm has a firewall that is free for personal use at their web site  Also for those who already have anti-virus and firewall systems, we advise that you ensure that you update to the most current issue.

TSTT is committed to you our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation and do all in our capacity to ensure that service to you is not compromised. We thank you for your continued confidence in TSTT and look forward to continue serving you.