blink | bmobile and United Way spread hope

Guests also enjoyed the sweet sounds of blink | bmobile brand ambassador Shurwayne Winchester

There is no better way to show you care than spending time helping those trying to help others live a better life. It was on this premise that staff of blink | bmobile happily braved the rains in order spend their Sunday with United Way as they hosted the 5th Annual “Day of Caring”.

The event took place on Sunday 30th September, 2012 at the Republic Bank Sports Club and was held in honour of approximately 350 youngsters from children’s homes across the country and their caregivers.

United Way planned a day filled with fun activities such as zumba and karaoke competitions, football, cricket and basketball competitions, pony rides, magic and puppet shows and even the traditional musical chairs. The kids and their caregivers had a chance to relax, have fun and mix and mingle with others.

Volunteers from Corporate T&T were responsible for ensuring that the children’s and their caregivers’ only task for the day was to have fun. Approximately forty blink | bmobile employee volunteers and some members of their families, enthusiastically gave their all to guaranteeing that the guests of honour had a good time. In thanking the volunteers, United Way’s CEO, Pamela Francis said: “Volunteer assistance was invaluable to the success of the event which is so eagerly anticipated by the children whose daily lives are not normally fun-filled given their circumstances.  Next year, we at United Way look forward to bringing even more joy to communities in need.”

Accompanying the staff of blink | bmobile was brand ambassador Shurwayne Winchester who entertained the kids and their caregivers with an enjoyable performance. Edghill Messiah – Executive Vice President Human Resources, Customer Care and Risk Management indicated that; “the commitment of groups like United Way  that work arduously at bringing joy and a better quality of life to those in need in Trinidad and Tobago is priceless. This focus on improving life and bringing joy is in harmony with our mission at blink | bmobile.   We understand that support for these efforts is critical to ensuring their continued success and therefore we are eager to participate and rally our employees in volunteerism for projects like this.”