Blink bmobile is Technology Partner for TIC

Handheld devices have come into their own as the complete digital assistant.

Trinidad and Tobago’s and arguable the Caribbean’s largest Trade show the TTMA’s Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) will take place from July 8th – 11th, 2015 at the Centre of excellence, Macoya, and TSTT will continue to be a major sponsor.

TIC 2015 was launched on Thursday January 22nd at the Courtyard by the Marriot, under the theme - Building Bridges, Connecting the World- builds on a 16-year legacy the TTMA has steadfastly nurtured. This theme is interestingly aligned to the global telecommunications revolution of the “connectedness of everything” where there are more than 3 billion internet subscriptions around the world today.

Given changes in the global sphere which are set to have local repercussions on our economy, TSTT sees the sponsorship as extremely critical, and the outcome of the Convention as valuable for a continued vibrant economy.

The TIC objective like that of TSTT is predicated upon playing a role in driving diversification and facilitating business transactions of all possible kinds which in the long run will make Trinidad and Tobago’s economy more resilient and capable of withstanding global fluctuations in the energy sector which sustain our economy.

Ronald Walcott, CEO of TSTT addressed the opening ceremony which included, Mr. Norris Herbert, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications, Mr. Nicholas Lok Jack, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association, Mr. Ramesh Ramdeen, Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association. Mr. Courtenay Williams, Member of the Board of the First Citizens Group and Mr. Ravi Tewari, Chief Executive Officer of the Guardian Group, the Convention’s newest sponsor.

Walcott noted “TSTT is pleased to have the opportunity to continue its partnership with the TTMA in the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) and by extension continue our support of one of the key components of the country’s commercial engine namely the manufacturing sector”

Walcott also informed the audience that “This year, TSTT is celebrating twenty-five years of operations – truly a milestone. As a technology leader, TSTT remains keenly focused on the role ICT must play in providing tools to support stakeholders such as the TTMA and events like TIC. We have set aggressive targets for creating stronger local and international communications networks for Trinidad and Tobago, to benefit the lives of citizens and the operations of businesses and state agencies”

TSTT’s investments in telecommunications and related technology over the past 25 years and its newly expanded fiber network has positioned the company to create more robust corporate solutions for businesses that include everything from video conferencing to metro Ethernet, International MPLS, Network Solutions from technology giants like Avaya, Juniper and Cisco, IP-PBX Business systems, Google Apps for Business and cloud computing.

Walcott noted that “In these subtle but powerful ways TSTT is walking the talk of the theme “Building bridges. Connecting the world”. We are helping hundreds of thousands of business and residential customers realize their potential, desires and aspirations along with supporting their social agenda. TSTT is keen on supporting the efforts of TIC to continue to grow and expand the local economy by helping local businesses develop and exploit reciprocal opportunities with foreign companies. Like us, the TIC pursues continuous improvement so we are honoured to therefore be your technology partner for TIC 2015 and we congratulate you on the occasion of the 16th anniversary. We are confident that the collective will and abilities of all stakeholders, working together for the good of the country, will ensure the continued success of this trade and business development initiative.”

Courtenay Williams, Board member, First Citizens Bank, Ronald Walcott, CEO of TSTT, Nicholas Lok Jack, President of the TTMA, Norris Herbert, PS - Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications and Ravi Tewari