BLINK Partners with Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad - BLINK has partnered with Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) to provide sponsorship for its 2010 National Symposium themed “Partnering for Sustained Entrepreneurial Success.”

YBTT is an accredited programme of Youth Business International, a global network of youth business initiatives. With the support of the local business community, YBTT helps young adults between 18-35 to establish their own businesses by providing access to loans and mentoring.

The main objectives of the symposium are to increase entrepreneurship throughout Trinidad and Tobago and to further develop those who are already self-employed.

BLINK’s sponsorship of this event is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme which provides the opportunity to explore career goals via dynamic and sustainable life-changing projects.

Included in BLINK’s sponsorship is the provision of Company mentors to YBTT’s prospective business owners. Like BLINK, YBTT embraces the entrepreneurial philosophy that mentorship greatly increases the potential for business success.

The symposium will be held on Wednesday 28th July at the Cascadia Hotel and Conference Centre