Blink Vigilance makes quick work of Couva intruder

Recently things took a turn for the worst for an intruder at a grocery on Southern Main Road Couva. Less than thirty minutes after he broke into the premises of Sophie’s Supermarket where he hoped to get a mother load of goodies, he was lead out of the establishment in handcuffs under armed guard and given free transportation to the Couva Police station all courtesy a Blink Vigilance Rapid Response team.

It started at 1:35 AM on November 18th when the intruder unknowingly triggered sensors on the Blink Vigilance Alarm Monitoring system that the proprietor had installed recently. While the intruder thought he was stealthily roaming aisles upon aisles of shelves packed high with goods, a Blink Vigilance Rapid Response team was being dispatched to the location to investigate what triggered the silent alarm. The proprietor was also notified and put on standby. By 1:56 AM, the intruder was in the custody on the Blink Vigilance Rapid Response team and the proprietor was being asked to go to the store and assess any losses or damage to property.

Sunrise found the intruder arrested, charged and acclimatizing to his temporary accommodations at the Couva Police Station while mulling over his poor choices of the preceding 5 hours.

Needless to say the supermarket owner was elated with the outcome, as the store had previously been targeted on another occassion. This time however, with the Vigilance Alarm Monitoring system up and running, the story came to a very different and satisfactory conclusion.

PS - The intruder of Market Street Couva has been detained at the Couva Police Station as a person of interest in relation to other matters and the investigations is continuing under PC Dickson of the Couva Police Station.