Blink Vigilance & Medical Alert Deliver a ‘Rapid Response’

Port of Spain, Trinidad - The multi-level “Rapid Response’ capacity of BLINK Vigilance and Medical Alert was put to the test recently when it played a pivotal role in the safe delivery of twins.

When Keisha Rojas, eight-and-a-half-months pregnant, went into labour at her friend Khadine Peters’ Morvant home they knew there was no need to panic. Months before, both had ordered the BLINK Vigilance Bronze Package which not only provides an alarm monitoring service but another helpful feature, Medical Alert.

After Keisha’s contractions began, Khadine erred on the side of caution and used the Medical Alert ‘button’ on the keypad to call for help. A BLINK Vigilance operator answered promptly and contacted EHS for an ambulance.

“The ambulance got here within three to four minutes. It was ‘Rapid Response’ to the fullest. And, the BLINK Vigilance operator stayed with me until it came,” said Khadine.

The boy / girl twins, Michael and Miram, were delivered safely at Port of Spain General Hospital and are doing fine.

“I consider BLINK Vigilance and Medical Alert to be a very good investment. My babies’ lives depended on the service working perfectly, and it did,” noted Keisha, who lives in Chaguanas.

BLINK Vigilance recently presented gift hampers to both women and the twins.

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