Blink Vigilance putting the ‘byte’ on crime again

According to 2012 Police crime data for burglaries and breakings, there were over 10 incidents reported daily in Trinidad and Tobago. Securing your home and going out for the evening is a routine most people can relate to and more often than not it leads to a quiet, unspectacular conclusion to the day. Unfortunately, as the stats show, there is the odd occasion when someone has other plans for your property. (

One unlucky person recently found out that an unoccupied home is not the same as an unprotected one. On the contrary. A seemingly unattended property on Bim Bim Trace El Socorro had a host of sophisticated digital electronic eyes and ears on it. So when an intruder forced his way in through a back door and set off an alarm, within minutes  a team of Rapid Response security officers working in collaboration with Blink Vigilance Alarm Monitoring System were on the way, setting the stage for an intervention that the burglar didn’t see coming.

This real incident happened during the weekend of January 19th 2013 and the details of the intruder have been withheld pending his appearance before a magistrate at the time of this writing. It represents one of scores of alarm incidents Blink Vigilance routinely investigates. While most are as a result of property owners or their family inadvertently triggering the alarm, several represent unlawful attempts to gain unauthorised access to private property. The Blink Vigilance 24 / 7 Alarm Monitoring staff have no idea of knowing when an alarm incident is a harmless accident or a malicious incident and so they approach each occurrence with the focus and professionalism befitting of the trust customers have placed in them. In the case of the incident at El Socorro, the property owner received a text alert on her mobile phone that the alarm had been triggered. Shortly thereafter, a trained Alarm Center professional called her to determine if everything was OK. When the owner indicated that no one was supposed to be there at that time, the Alarm Centre activated a Blink Vigilance Rapid Response team of security professionals to get to the location and determine what caused the  panic alert or signal alarm to go off. They arrived just in time to capture the intruder while he was still at the property. He was subdued and taken to the Barataria Police Station to be charged.

Inside the Command Centre of the Blink Vigilance Alarm Monitoring service, cool heads deal with scores of alarms, directing Rapid response security teams or ambulances, meticulously checking out each alarm incident, sifting through for that hint of evidence that suggests something is not right. It goes on 24/7. To be sure it is demanding but also infinitely rewarding. Blink Vigilance has managed to create great customer nexperiences over the years and this translates into a reputation that is second to none. In fact, Blink Vigilance enjoys the distinction of being the fastest growing Alarm Monitoring service in the country, surpassing 14,000 customers and growing daily.

To their credit, they have managed to address a pressing need for home security that is cutting edge, efficient and affordable on almost any budget. Today, their customer numbers are steadily growing and they have managed to keep pace with that demand in part through wider network improvements undertaken by TSTT / bmobile. So where as the initial offering was just the alarm panel, they have since expanded to Rapid Response, Medi Alert (wearable alarm triggers) and Video Verification, which now allows customers to actually see what might have triggered an alarm on their premises. For Blink Vigilance it is important to continuously use technology to add innovations to the service and keep customer safety at the forefront while staying a few steps ahead of the criminally- inclined.