Blink/Bmobile benefits Bishops 2013 Fete

As the Carnival 2013 pace persists Blink/Bmobile continues to be Trinidad and Tobago’s #1 supporter of culture and Carnival as evidenced by the brands’ strong presence in the recent Bishop Anstey High School All Inclusive fete.

The Bishops all inclusive event which took place on the school compound on Keate Street, P.O.S. was well attended and featured a spacious, festive ambience with premium food, beverages, amenities and entertainment from the season’s finest performers.

Bishop’s fete sponsors Blink Vigilance and Bmobile Blackberry utilized their creativity and special events expertise to add to fete’s first rate ambience. The Blink Vigilance booth was a fan favourite as several patrons eagerly made use of the rapid response photo station which produced instant photo memories for them during the fete.

A representative of the Old Hilarians’ Association, Wanda Bernard expressed her pleasure for the support that Blink/Bmobile had given to her committee for this year’s venture stating, “We are indeed pleased and privileged to have them onboard this year. It’s a wonderful gesture on their part as corporate citizens and it’s a true tangible effort of social responsibility which has assisted our ability to sustain the fantastic patron experience of this event”.

The proceeds of the annual Bishops All Inclusive event has aided with the construction of the Anstey building (which houses the schools administrative offices, art room, staff room, sick room and form 6 class rooms) as well as the school’s environmental science block and any general maintenance or repair of the school.