Bmobile’s “My Hotspot” unlocks the power of tablets and video smartphones

Trinidad - Smarter smartphones and newer operating systems for small svelte mobile devices like tablet PC’s have brought new interest in personal communications tools. Today's tech savvy consumers have access to devices that help them work smarter and keep a finger on the pulse of their social network. As these tech-driven behaviours and attitudes become more entrenched, users of personal communications devices want to be always connected with an access speed that makes the most of the applications on these smartphones and other devices. To answer that call bmobile has invested in a pocket sized device to bring a personalised 4G experience to smartphone and tablet PC users.

Blackberry, Android and Apple systems all boast of a suite of sophisticated applications that work best with a high speed connection. The caveat is they need a Wi-Fi access point more commonly known as a “Hotspot”. Hotspots in T&T have sprung up at a few locations, usually commercial places that have specific opening and closing hours and also on BlinkBroadband Wi-Fi modems in homes and offices. But these still tie you to a particular location and that won’t always be convenient.

The new device from bmobile is a pocket sized dynamo that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in the immediate vicinity of the user and connects their smartphones to TSTT’s 4G Wi-Max network.

Weighing in at just a few ounces, the diminutive size hides the power it packs on the inside. “The ‘My Hotspot’ modem is an excellent solution to the challenge of tablet PC’s which due to their size, do not have any USB ports for using a USB modem” says Jay Alvi Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services at TSTT. He says that an I-pad, Samsung Galaxy or even the RIM Playbook, all only have Wi-Fi connectivity built in so if you are not close to a Hotspot, you cannot connect to the Internet. “Bmobile’s My Hotspot modems were designed to provide a gateway to our 4G Wi-Max network by producing its own Wi-Fi signal on a small footprint. This allows the customer to use up to five devices simultaneously to access the Internet.” Its built-in rechargeable battery also means users can get more hours of use throughout the day.

The bmobile My Hotspot modem is enabling the new Wi-Fi-dependent devices to operate in the highspeed environment that they were made for. Example, the Video call feature on some of the Samsung Android-based devices and the I-Phone 4 can only operate if the devices have access to a Wi-Fi network. “My Hotspot now basically allows a user to use the video call feature from anywhere within the coverage of our 4G Wi-Max service which is 75% of the populated areas of the country.”

“My Hotspot” creates a password protected Wi-Fi access point so the owners do not have to worry about uninvited users piggybacking on their connection. The service gives a 2 Megabit per second connection and supports up to five Wi-fi enabled device sharing that bandwidth. The bmobile “My Hotspot” service features a portable personal Wi-Fi Device, password protection, Wi-Fi- to 4G Wi-Max interface, rechargeable battery built in and capacity to serve up to five simultaneous devices for a flat monthly rate ranging from $349 - $475 depending on the service contract taken.