Bmobile’s digital tickets and discount coupons for the Information Age

Trinidad - You name it T&T has got it. With our Jazz festivals, International sporting events and concerts featuring world renowned recording artistes, Trinidad and Tobago is a mini entertainment Mecca. And the two things you’re sure to see outside of any major event are vendors and people with bogus tickets. The former provide sustenance to those waiting to get in. The latter peddle the sure-fire means of getting would-be patrons thrown out. They also happen to be the bane of the existence for event promoters who see their profits being spirited away.

bmobile and a local software developer have pioneered a highly secure electronic ticketing system for exactly such major events. M-ticketing as it is called, allows a patron to make an online purchase of an event ticket and have a unique code sent to their mobile handset as an ultra-secure SMS. At the event venue, a special scanner reads the encoded SMS from the mobile handset and validates the patron’s entry. The encoded digital ticket cannot be copied or shared with other handsets thereby cutting out any chance of having bogus “tickets” in circulation.

A similar process is used to send encrypted discount coupons to mobile handsets to promote the purchase of virtually anything that retailers offer for sale.

“It is cutting-edge telecommunications technology with so many practical uses,” says Camille Campbell, TSTT’s Head of Mobile Commercial Operations. “It’s easy to customise for different organisations. And for ticket buyers the solution is incredibly convenient and simple to use.”

The m-ticketing and m-couponing have been used for the recent Lionel Ritchie/Brian McKnight Mothers’ Day concert as well as the international Trade and Investment Conference. The solutions can be implemented for a host of events and activities – including the cinema, theater, retail shopping, public transportation, sporting events, business forums, airline tickets and parking facilities.

Campbell explained that clients using the new mobile applications for their businesses will benefit from the greatly reduced distribution costs, easier access and redemption for customers and a better ability to effectively monitor the impact of their promotional offers.