Bmobile’s new bRewards Card stepping beyond voice and data

(PHOTO Representatives from bmobile, CSL and participating Merchants)


Bmobile customers now have yet another reason to do business with the national telecommunications provider with the launch of the brand new bmobile loyalty card, “bRewards”.

The bRewards initiative is a point accumulation programme where both postpaid and prepaid customers earn points every time they top up or pay their bill. Customers can then redeem those points at partnering merchants across the country which have been selected based on customers’ needs, wants and likes.

On the heels of the launch of the 4G service last year, this latest milestone represents a continuum of the brand strategy to innovatively give customers more value, more benefits and more opportunities to save.

“This kind of collaboration represents a very real way of rewarding customers with the practical things that have meaning to them. It is twenty first century living where all of the participants in the market enjoy a genuinely symbiotic, mutually rewarding relationship,” said bmobile Project Manager, Nigel Ford.

Who can benefit from the bRewards programme?

All Pre-paid and postpaid customers are eligible to apply for the card. There are three categories of cards – Club; Gold and Platinum. These categories are based on average monthly top-up and bill payment for the previous three to six months prior to registration:

o   Payments in the range up to $300 are eligible for the Club Card

o   Payments from over $300 - $1000 are eligible for the Gold  Card          

o   Platinum Card recipients range from over $1000.00

How does the card work?

Points are accumulated on the Card when the customer purchases airtime or pays their bmobile bill. For every dollar of airtime or bill payment made, the card is credited with one point. These points are redeemable for services and devices from bmobile. Participating merchant partners have additional benefits that they will offer card holders.

 “Bmobile recognises that customers are facing tough decisions daily about what is best for them and their loved ones. In an ideal environment, people’s choices will not have opportunity costs, a decision to do one thing would not be at the expense of forgoing something else,” said Ford.

“The bReward loyalty card allows customers to do more with what they have.”

The other company behind the innovative idea is Creative Solutions Limited (CSL).

CSL Technical Director, Richard Marshall, said the bRewards programme had been engineered for the bmobile customer and is aimed at adding value with issuing points and using those points at various providers of consumer products and services .

Unlike other programmes, Marshall said bRewards has the ability to track consumer preferences through its infrastructure of servers and devices deployed in the partner network.

“This allows us to understand consumer behaviour but more importantly respond to this behaviour with offers and promotions specific to individual preferences,” he explained.

Marshall added that the programme also makes it possible for bmobile and participating merchants to inherently co-brand the customer experience. With a track record of successful marketing initiatives, Marshall said he is happy to partner with bmobile for the programme as it presents a “win win situation” for both companies.

Paula Daniel-Linton, Marketing Manager, Courts, echoed similar sentiments. She said Courts is always looking for ways to improve its customer service and provide customers with value for money.

To survive in an increasingly competitive market, Daniel-Linton said it is important for Courts to continue to set itself apart from the rest.

“And that’s why it was such an easy sell,” she stated. “We have to make that distinction with service. We are excited about it because we just brought in new products…New funky, sexy pieces of furniture as well as new electronics, which we believe will appeal to discerning bmobile customers.”

Owner of El Dovin (La Cantina Pizzeria) , Kester Sylvester, stated that “only good things” can come out of the partnership with bmobile. “I am looking forward to see how far we can go and how far we can grow,” he added.

Mario Pereira, Manager, The Naughty Grape, said as a new retail outlet with the largest range of premium wines and spirits, it is imperative to learn of new ways to increase the company’s customer base while rewarding loyal customers.

“Customer service is at the top our list. What better way to do so than by partnering with bmobile in accomplishing this goal?”

Participating merchants include:
American Stores Limited

Berger Paints (Trinidad) Limited

Bhagan's Drug Store


CLX Health & Fitness Centre

Coldstone Creamery

COURTS (Unicomer Trinidad Limited)

D Rite Stuff

El Dovin (La Cantina Pizzeria)

Ferreira Optical

Fitness Centre

Geronimo's Cycle & Sports Limited

Grafton Beach Resort & Le Gran Courlan Spa Resort

Jencare Day Spa

Lewis Appliances

Long Circular Health & Wellness

Multicinemas (Trinidad) Limited (Movie Towne)

Naughty Grape

Nigel R. Khan

Pizza Boys Group of Companies (Rituals)

Renew Star Serpentine Limited

REO Consultants Limited

Sandy Point Village Hotel & Summerland Suites

Sports & Games

Wrapworks Deli

Optometrists Today