bmobile Foundation Art Competition inspires artist in his first exhibition “Through His Eyes”

Creativity at Work
Port of Spain, Trinidad, May 2, 2018


Jahmel John, winner of the 2014 bmobile Foundation Art Competition, has teamed up with two of Trinidad and Tobago’s surging artists to host a fascinating Art Exhibit entitled “Through His Eyes” on Friday 4th May, 2018.

John, alongside fellow talents, Debra Bartholomew-McEwen and Ginnel Seale, have prepared over 35 paintings which will be featured at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (corner of Jamaica Boulevard & St. Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, Port-of-Spain) from 5pm – 9pm.

Four years prior, John’s victory at the Foundation Art Competition provided him with a special opportunity to expand his budding knowledge and experience in the artistic field. For his golden interpretation of the theme ‘Imagine Trinidad and Tobago’, bmobile awarded John with the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in a mentorship program with local art legend, LeRoy Clarke. That internship changed John’s life forever.

“Mr. Clarke taught me the approach of starting a painting from a blank mind. He didn’t only teach us about painting techniques, he also educated us on what it meant to be an artist and the many real-life struggles that we would face in this profession. There are those who believe an artist is not a real job. It’s not seen as a career. ”

Battling this stigma and a possible future in the fruitful field of accounting, John was proud to reveal that the bmobile-sponsored competition pushed him into becoming what he really wanted to be; a full-fledged artist. He credited God and the close involvement of his family and friends as his only motivation to paint.

“Just seeing the smiles on their faces when one of my pieces is complete is satisfaction enough for me. Money aside, I just love to see people embrace my paintings. This is my purpose in life. Passion for painting keeps me going,” he stated.

Marsha Caballero, Vice President of Corporate Communications at TSTT, acknowledged the recent exploits of the San Juan North Secondary graduate.

“To know that we at bmobile have played such an integral part in the development and maturity of Jahmel as an artist is welcoming. It is our intention to continuously provide creative ways for the nation’s young people to pursue their dreams and become who they want to be,” explained Caballero. 

The Exhibit will showcase the artists’ impressions of how God may see the world; highlighting both positive and negative elements. John has already prepared over 2o paintings to showcase at the event – his first ever group exhibition.    

“I’ve produced 22 pieces for this weekend’s gallery with the smallest canvas measuring 18’ x 36’. I’m really excited to be a part of an exhibit for the first time, especially with Debra and Ginnel,” he said.

Now in his final year of  a Degree in Graphic Design at COSTAATT, John is also using his talent as a tattoo artist to finance his love for painting. At this weekend’s Art Exhibition, the blossoming artist and his fellow compatriots will put some of their most intricate pieces on display and up for sale. 

He concluded, “They are very personal pieces of artwork that we believe God wants us to put out there. These paintings will tell a message. My message to you is if you don’t have the passion for something, then you won’t give it your all. I wanted to be an artist and it was really my passion and drive that kept me going.”

The Group Art Exhibit commences with the opening reception on Friday 4th May from 5pm - 9pm; continues on Saturday 5th, Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th between the hours of 10am - 5pm and concludes on Wednesday 8th from 5pm - 9pm.