Bmobile grand prize scam alert

Trinidad - We wish to advise our customers of a mobile phone-based scam designed to trick customers into sending money to the scam artist. Unknown actors unaffiliated with TSTT are sending random SMS messages to bmobile customers informing them they have won a grand prize (such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara). The subscriber is asked to contact an international number with area code (so far +255 or +254 have been used) to redeem the prize. The customer is then asked to issue a cash payment for the redemption. TSTT wishes to advise customers who have received such SMS messages that they should not contact the sender or provide any of the requested information. Instead, the message should be deleted immediately. Customers should only participate in official TSTT promotional activities, which are always well-publicised throughout the media. Additionally, TSTT would like customers to be aware that winners in its promotions are never required to pay cash in order to redeem prizes. If you are unsure of the authenticity of any promotional activity, you may verify it through readily available information in the newspapers, radio and TV.