Bmobile helps children experience “true mas”

Trinidad - They are two of Trinidad and Tobago’s most important and most endangered treasures – our children and traditional Carnival. But through the efforts of bmobile, mas’ band Zebapique and the Defence Force, both will receive a boost this season. The company is sponsoring costumes for children who otherwise would not be able to play.

The children, mainly from Laventille, will join Zebapique’s “George D Legend”, a tribute to late mas’ icon George Bailey. Bmobile has sponsored young masqueraders in the traditional band for four years.

“Zebapique is doing something incredible – for children and Carnival,” said Natasha Davis Head of Marketing Communications, “Traditional mas’ is a vital aspect of our cultural history and youth are our future. We are pleased to support both in this mutually enriching project.”

“Without bmobile it would not have been possible,” explained Zebapique committee member Andrew Alleng. “This is bigger than just a dollar being received. Zebapique is about all cures. And we do this to try and cure some of society’s ills. Bmobile is helping to give children an opportunity to enjoy our national festival.”

Zebapique, the junior band to D Midas, offers children a chance to play traditional mas’.

“There is no profit in this, we do it for the love of our culture and our care for the children,” Mr Alleng explained.

The band works as well with the Defence Force, which carries out several youth-focused activities in the Laventille area. Renowned wire-bender and mas’ man Stephen Derek designed the costumes for Zebapique.