bmobile launches Text-to-Donate for flood victims

bmobile customers can donate $5.00, in support of those devastated by the recent floods, when they text 'help' to 6683.


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad - October 25, 2018

With just a simple text, bmobile customers can donate funds, to help families devastated by the recent floods.

To make it happen, bmobile has partnered with United Way Trinidad & Tobago (UWTT) to raise funds for flood relief efforts via a text-to-donate campaign.  All a bmobile customer has to do is text the word “help” to 6683 and $5.00 will be automatically deducted from his/her account. bmobile has waived all administrative charges so every cent goes to assisting communities and families.

TSTT’s Vice President Corporate Communications, Marsha Caballero, noted the “combined forces of TSTT and UWTT is a demonstration of how corporate and the non-governmental organisations are critical to helping communities in times of disaster. We urge our customers to support with this simple process to donate and help the recent flood victims and their families.”

Caballero added: “Combining connected resources makes it easier to help in a more significant and impactful way. We’re happy to partner with United Way to support our fellow citizens at this time of need.”  

In 2017, UWTT raised $3.5 million from the Public and Corporate Partners for Hurricane Relief to support recovery efforts in Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Anguilla.  

UWTT CEO Jennifer Sancho encouraged bmobile customers to use the text to donate platform as many times as they can, to support the longer term relief effort.  She explained:

“Unfortunately, flooding is not a one off event like an earthquake or a hurricane.  Communities and families affected by flooding need our continued support beyond the immediate crisis stage.  Flooding has become devastating and relentless because of our rapid growth and effects of climate change.  All of us want to help, but we know many of us are ourselves stretched.

Text-to-donate is a convenient way to take the smallest gift to scale.  Together we will rebuild communities.”

This will be the second time bmobile is partnering with UWTT to harness the power of the mobile phone market to raise funds.  In 2017, the organizations piloted their partnership for Hurricane Relief in Dominica and raised $45,000 in 4 weeks.  “We are excited about using this to connect to the public, bmobile did not hesitate when we asked to partner,” said UWTT Community Impact Manager, Linda Ramsumir.   “Gifts of money is the most flexible and effective mean to sustain a cause. The bmobile text-to-donate for flood relief initiative puts the power to give financially to everyone – right in the palm of your hand.  By working together, every contribution can make a difference – we can match your contribution to the in kind contribution from Corporate partners for community clean ups, flood prevention measures, repairs and replacement of furniture. "

bmobile customers can donate $5.00, in support of those devastated by the recent floods, when they text 'help' to 6683.