Bmobile partners with TCM on innovative vehicle protection solution

Trinidad - “Hello, it’s your car calling”

Car-owners concerned about becoming victims of vehicular crime have a new security tool – their mobile phones. Bmobile has joined forces with auto solution providers Total Convenience Management (TCM) to offer a GPS-based security and tracking service that goes as far as allowing the car to call its owner if it’s been tampered with. The hi-tech solution was formally announced in a November briefing at TSTT’s St Vincent Street headquarters. Attendees were given a demonstration of the technology in action as TCM gave live examples of vehicle tracking, panic button, digital map and the auto call function. “Imagine, with an Internet-enabled mobile handset you could be in any part of the country and see where your car is, where it has been, what speed it is travelling at and if you wanted to, you could shut it down on the spot!” Anthony Joseph, TSTT’s Executive Vice President Mobile Services, told those assembled at the briefing. “When TCM came to us with the idea to develop something that powerful we knew we had the means and the technology to support it and we knew that if it made people safer, then it was exactly the kind of solution that TSTT/bmobile needed to support.” Total Convenience Management provides a suite of services through GPS (global positioning system) and GMAP. “GMAP works by communicating in real-time to a number of orbiting satellites around the earth’s atmosphere. This information is retrieved by the modem installed in one’s vehicle and then transmitted to our secure servers overseas using bmobile’s fast and secure GPRS network,” explained TCM’s Shane Teelucksingh.