bmobile pre-paid expanding to North America

Trinidad -

Bmobile reached a major milestone on September 1st, when it kicked off a first-of-its-kind International Pre-Paid mobile service which is putting access to bmobile pre-paid airtime in over 40,000 retail locations across the US and Canada including major cities like New York, Miami, Washington D.C. & Toronto.

“This is a ground breaking accomplishment by bmobile for our local users, their families abroad and pre-paid customers using our extensive roaming network in North America” says TSTT’s Vice President of Mobile Services Anthony Joseph.

“bmobile International Top up” has been established in collaboration with TSTT’s (US-based?) technology partner MoreMagic Solutions Inc. a leading mobile payments platform provider. Joseph explained that friends and family members in the US and Canada will be able to buy mobile airtime and send it to bmobile prepaid customers in Trinidad & Tobago. Persons in North America can visit any one of 14,000 ‘Vendtek Now Prepay’ vending locations in Canada or any of the 27,000 ‘Blackstone’ vending locations in the USA and purchase airtime that will be immediately credited to the bmobile pre-paid account that they designate.

“It is an extremely convenient arrangement for a bmobile user in Trinidad and Tobago to have a friend or relative in the USA or Canada top up their mobile account for them. Alternatively, a bmobile customer using our roaming service in the USA or Canada can now easily to top up their account directly at any of the Vendtek or Blackstone vending outlets. “Our ‘bmobile’ logo will be flying high at these locations so customers will have no doubt that they are in the right place” said Joseph. There is also a Kiosk locator feature that uses the zip code to help customers find the nearest top up location.

Joseph explained that customers could request any amount of airtime between $5 and $70 in the currency of the country they were in at the time. “In seconds the TT dollar equivalent airtime is sent to the bmobile number given and customers even have the option of sending a complimentary text message!”

Having made the foray into the North American market Joseph said plans are already underway to expand the service to the United Kingdom and increase its reach to over 100,000 locations by the end of the year. “Our primary aim is to reach Trinbagonians in all of the key areas where they have settled. Their ties remain strong with this country and we believe that this service gives them access to something that they know and trust and is the perfect way to strengthen that connection between them and their friends and loved in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Online Top Up is becoming increasingly popular, whether from home or abroad and the international top up is also available online. Users can simply visit from anywhere in the world to create an online account and use their Credit Card to send Top ups for themselves or any other pre-paid bmobile customer.

“ Through this Internet top service, bMobile offers a very easy to use tool that allows the Caribbean Diaspora anywhere in the world to add airtime credit to their friends and family at home” said Joseph.