bmobile provides educational support to the Plum Mitan community

ERHA CEO, Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt and Charles Glasglow share in 8-year-old Shanisha Kistow's excitement as she explores one of the new computers at the lab

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – January 8, 2019

The bmobile Foundation has donated free internet service to the newly established Computer Lab at the Plum Mitan Community Centre. The internet service, powered by the company’s latest WTTx technology and robust LTE network, will provide the fastest wireless speeds available nationwide. The computer lab which is a collaboration of the bmobile Foundation, the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA) which donated refurbished PCs, and the Plum Mitan Village Council will be used by the primary and secondary school children in the area.

Noting that Plum Mitan was one of the first communities to be gifted with the company's WTTx technology, TSTT’s Manager Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations, Anjanie Ramesar-Soom stated, "As a company that values connectivity, we wanted to ensurethat the young people of Plum Mitan are empowered with the best in state-of-the-art technology.  bmobile believes that the gift of education is invaluable as it not only opens doors to infinite opportunities and success, but also makes it possible for ourfuture generation to go out into the world and benefit from the prospects that await them.  I want to challenge thechildren to view bmobile's complimentary WTTx as a tool to increase your knowledge and capability.  You have the power to use technology to change your world or the entire world and we hope you make maximum use of that power."

Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, ERHA CEO stated that he was pleased to witness the realization of the wish of the Plum Mitan community to establish a computer lab.  "When this was brought to our attention, we embraced the opportunity to enhance our collaboration with the community by extending our services beyond the boundaries of health care.  The combined technology being provided by the ERHA and bmobile will provide the school children in the community with key tools to conduct research, prepare their school based assessments and do their homework. Our human resource is our most important asset and the ERHA is honoured to do our part to assist our citizens to achieve their goals.  To the children of the community, I encourage you to empower yourselves and to continue broadening your horizons, after all, you are our future doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow."

Rishi Deonanan, President of the Plum Mitan Village Council was very thrilled that they were able to open the computer lab as a result of the support of bmobile and the ERHA and expressed his gratitude toward the two organizations.  He explained that the catchment area for the use of computer lab is expected to extend beyond Plum Mitan to include Biche and Manzanilla.  "Although most of the school children would already be computer literate, many do not have a computer at home.  The computer lab would therefore serve as a community resource to the children of all these areas and support them as they do their homework and internet-based assignments.  We really appreciate the support we have gotten and look forward to the computer lab becoming a fully-used community resource."

Village council member, Radha Kistow, attended the launch with her 8-year old daughter, Shanisha, and shared her excitement about the opening of the computer lab.  "This is a really great initiative of the village council, ERHA and bmobile.  We are happy to be able to provide this educational support to the children of the community.  I am certain they will appreciate having access to this computer lab."