Bmobile stays with National Super League

Trinidad - Telecom giant TSTT through it's BMOBILE Brand has announced it's continuing association with the National Super League, as title sponsor.

The league will continue to be known as the bmobile National Super League and bmobile Knockout.

The National Super League runs from July to December and is seen to be the most important tournament of the TTFF's competitions as it allows the best teams from association football to play in what is a semi-professional environment, as they prepare for life in the professional game.

In the past three years, the bmobile National Super League has provided the TT Pro League with three clubs: Superstar Rangers, now called St. Anns Rangers, Police and bmobile Joe Public. Last year's champions WASA FC declined promotion and is campaigning again in the bmobile Super League.

Marketing Director of All Sport, the company with the job of marketing and managing the Super League, Anthony Harford, thanked bmobile for it's decision to continue the association, as this year, the competition takes on a further development role as our National Under 20 and UTT teams have been included to also prepare them for international challenges. According to Harford, "this is a further demonstration of the company's commitment to national development."

William Powell, TSTT's Chief Marketing Officer also spoke of the National Super League as an important aspect of TSTT's work towards an efficient and highly professional national football programme.

Bmobile's sponsorship covers all league and knock out prize monies, which amount to $300,000 and will ensure league highlights are seen on television on the weekly programme Football 08, which runs from mid July to December. The bmobile sponsorship also ensure twelve games are carried live on radio this season, compared with just two last year.