bmobile Tour Inspires SERVOL Students to Pursue Their Dreams

Trinidad - bmobile recently opened the doors of one of its network management centres to 20 young men from SERVOL’s El Socorro Regional Life Centre. The tour gave the students an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the critical role modern electronics plays in running a sophisticated nationwide cellular network. The students, aged 16 to 19 years, are completing training in electrical studies at the Regional Life Centre to prepare them for a career in consumer electronics and electrical installation. “Notwithstanding the sensitive nature of the operations at our mobile network centre, it was an easy decision to agree to host them,” said Camille Salandy, Head of Public Relations and External Affairs at TSTT. She explained that the students had made a commitment to take charge of their lives and they needed to know that they were accepted by the industrial and business sectors. “We wanted to infuse in them the confidence that they will become meaningful contributors to the society, so the tour to bmobile’s network centre was for both educational purposes, as well as for motivating the students in what they were trying to accomplish in their young lives.” One of the students, 19-year-old Noel Gordon, enrolled in the SERVOL program to receive formal training in electronics. The San Juan youth said before he started at SERVOL, he did odd jobs and realised he wanted more out of life. Gordon said completing the electronics program at the El Socorro Regional Life Centre would not only make him more employable but he also believed he could become his own employer. “The visit to the bmobile centre showed me some very high-tech stuff and it has opened my eyes to wider possibilities in my chosen field.” Gordon’s classmate, 17-year-old Shaquille Cox, also shared these sentiments. Cox said he enrolled in SERVOL to improve his life through learning a trade. The Morvant teenager admits that before entering SERVOL’s electronics training program, he was not doing much with his time. Since enrolling, however, Cox said he was very optimistic about his ability to make this career choice provide him with better opportunities and a better life. He was glad for the opportunity to visit bmobile’s network management centre to see the complexity of what people with electronics backgrounds were involved with. He was particularly impressed by the hi-tech systems used to keep the network performing at its best. “This opportunity provided by bmobile goes a long way in reinforcing what we are trying to inculcate in our students at the SERVOL Regional Life Centres,” said Helen McDavid, PRO at SERVOL. McDavid said students at the various life centres had to first complete a mandatory Adolescent Development Program (ADP) before starting their core courses. “The ADP exposes them to life skills that we see as a necessary complement to any professional training for young people today. When the life skills training and the formal training are reinforced by an organisation like bmobile, we know the students can better appreciate the importance of making the right choices for their future.”