bmobile travelers from across the Caribbean can now eTopUp in T&T

8 September, 2006

Another first - designed for bmobile customer convenience

Cable & Wireless today announced that bmobile prepaid customers from any of it’s Caribbean operations can use eTopUp services in Trinidad & Tobago when they are traveling in the twin island republic. In addition, bmobile customers from T&T can eTopUp in any other bmobile country. This comes on the back of the successful launch of bmobile’s Roaming eTopUp service last January, when the company announced that across twelve countries in the Caribbean, bmobile customers could top-up whilst roaming, just like they do at home. This announcement is the latest in a string of initiatives to make staying in touch with bmobile while traveling as simple and convenient as possible.

Today’s news means that bmobile customers will no longer need to preload their accounts prior to traveling to Trinidad & Tobago. Instead, when visiting, they can go to any Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) bmobile store, or anywhere else eTopUp is sold, give the retailer their 10-digit mobile number and pay using local currency, and their account will be credited in equivalent home currency. Customers will receive an SMS showing the value of their eTopUp in $TT, the new balance on their account in home currency, and a unique transaction ID number. Talk-time can be used while traveling, or once the customer returns home. The same applies to a customer from Trinidad and Tobago traveling in the 12 other bmobile countries in the Caribbean.

Additionally, friends, families and colleagues can top-up phones for one another when they are in separate bmobile markets. All they need is their contact’s 10-digit number.

Said Paul Hamburger, chief commercial officer, Cable & Wireless Americas & Caribbean; “The launch of Roaming eTopUp in Trinidad & Tobago is key for our customers. So much intra-Caribbean travel, both for business and leisure, goes through T&T. Whether it’s for an important meeting or for a shopping weekend, now topping up is one less thing to get done before leaving on a trip.”

According to Hamburger, eTopUp is the most popular way for bmobile customers across the region to add funds to their pre-paid accounts. “Today, over 75% of our pre-paid airtime sales in the Caribbean are via eTopUp. In several countries, that figure is already 100%. Since the launch in January of Roaming eTopUp within the Caribbean, we have seen strong month-on-month growth of roaming usage as well. We’re pleased that Roaming eTopUp has proven to be a useful convenience for our customers.”