The Collaboration Challenge

The Collaborative Challenge

TSTT is set to revolutionise the way business executives communicate with colleagues and employees through video calling.  In a volatile global economy, it is incumbent on today’s businessman to always keep one step ahead. Video collaboration, with video calling as its main driver, has been proven to be a critical and valuable tool particularly for businesses with branches spread out across the region and the world.

Smartphones   and BYOD (Bring your own device - the policy  of allowing employees to connect their personal devices to their corporate network),  have accelerated  the use of video calling through services from Skype, Facetime , Oovoo,  Polycom and  Real Presence. 

A Cisco study revealed that the average employee in the United States has three devices connected to the company network in the US. The appeal of video calling is not limited to age either. A release from the Office for National Statistics in the US gave evidence that 17 per cent of video calling users were aged 65 and over; while 22 percent of users were under 24.

As video use increases in popularity among the man in the street, businesses are tapping into its cost cutting benefits in the workplace.  Tech pundits are already predicting that by 2015 video calling will become mainstream.

Locally, the video calling is also catching on. For now it is being heavily used in the oil and banking sectors, making it possible for employers to connect with their global and regional offices in real time and in High Definition.

TSTT already has a Polycom platform capable of allowing direct connections of video users into a secure conference link. With the advancements in technology TSTT upgraded this platform to now enable access via the Cloud. With this enhancement and through our "open source” methodology, TSTT has now the ability to offer video cloud services to all business sectors.  TSTT's video cloud platform is accessible with any video enabled device, from large immersive systems like telepresence endpoints to basic video clients that can run off of desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. 

Cloud makes it possible for users to network, store information, manage solutions and business application without comprising security and functionality. Connectivity, using the cloud, can be achieved by employers and their employees anytime from anywhere in the world.

In business, video calling promotes a more down-to-earth meeting experience that allows for more eye contact - critical in sealing a deal – and the fostering of team input.

 It has been proven that a majority of people assimilate information better when they can see charts and images that complement a topic being discussed. Visuals make it easier to communicate and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Instantaneous video conferencing is now possible with up to 12 people simply by dialing into a company’s conference bridge. Charts, graphs and power points presentations can also be included for more interactive and immersive sessions.

Local business customers will also soon be able to get  their personal video numbers (similar to their cell phone numbers) which, in Trinidad and Tobago, will start with the code 612 and which can be listed on  call cards along with their other phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

There was a time when cell phones were used mainly by business men and the who’s who, because of its high price. Today, almost everyone has a cell phone. Video calling is set to take the same path.  For now businesses make up its main users; but it is expected to mushroom so that everyone has access to the service. To this end, TSTT will support video calling by customers from our Bzones and at their desks through the PBX systems with video calling capabilities. Testing has already begun to include the PBX element into cloud.

TSTT also wants to broaden its customer base so that more people can use our facilities anywhere across the Caribbean and Latin America. 

These are exciting times in technology and TSTT is committed to playing its part in the technological revolution.  Our overall goal is to bring technology to our customers to help them run their business more effectively, efficiently and with exceptional value for money.