Trinidad - TSTT wishes to make a statement following the decision of the CWU to embark on protest action today to demand the resignation of senior executives within the company.

The company notes that this is not a new strategy of the CWU, and in fact, public records and media reports will show that the CWU has consistently followed the unmerited path of demanding the resignation of members of the executive over the past two decades, regardless of who holds the office.

The company further notes the timing of the decision of the CWU to protest, following their meeting with TSTT’s line Minister on Monday June 7th, 2010. Media reports quoted senior members of the CWU executive team as indicating that they would give the Minister “time to do his job and if he failed to deal with their problems, they would have no choice but to embark on protest action.” However, in a matter of less than two days, the union has taken the decision to protest, for reasons which seem ambiguous.

Additionally, the company recognizes the attempt of the CWU to mislead the public by making announcements of the resignation of the Board members of TSTT.

TSTT wishes to clarify that the local members of the Board have offered their resignations, in accordance with the protocol being observed by every other state agency following the recent change in administration. The failed attempt by the CWU to infer otherwise is, in the company’s view, another in a series of tactics deliberately designed to mislead the public from the truth.

The company remains committed to the industrial relations process and the outcome of the negotiations currently being heard before the Court.