Honouring the Senior Citizens and Children of Moruga

Children of Fifth Company, Moruga showcase their musical talent at the recently held luncheon courtesy bmobile and United Way

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad - December 24, 2018

Senior citizens and children of Fifth Company, Moruga were treated to an afternoon of talent and laughter as bmobile and United Way partnered to extend Christmas cheer to the subtle community.

The Christmas luncheon was held at the St Gregory’s Anglican Primary School where the educational institution was recently presented with a refurbished library filled with new books. This is part of a long-term initiative towards increasing literacy in the rural village spare headed by the partnering organisations. 

“Celebrating achievements of the young ones and honouring our elderly helps strengthen our social fabric. Our involvement in Fifth Company Moruga, and other districts, assists in connecting bmobile to the people on a more personal level. We intend on expanding our relationship within the community to support the continued holistic development of its residents,” said TSTT’s Head of Corporate Communications, Marsha Caballero.

In keeping with the tradition of this joyous season of giving, the telecommunications leader presented multiple hampers to the Village Council, who then distributed them to the families in need throughout the community. bmobile also openly recognised the academic and co-curricular progress of the children and awarded the jovial bunch with tokens of appreciation.

Following these impressive musical performances and a scrumptious Christmas meal, senior citizens also had a chance to reminisce on the glory days of West Indian cricket with bmobile Brand Ambassador, Brian Lara, who was present to take the older folks down memory lane.

“Initiatives such as these help marry good education, good reading, sport and fun at Fifth Company and supports fostering community spirit,” said the world-record holder.

Parents of participating students were also invited to the luncheon and were in awe seeing their kids show off their new musical talents, courtesy United Way’s out-of-school music programme.  One resident-parent, Shirlene Elvin, expressed pleasure with her son’s involvement which has produced many positive results.

“I love the programme and it has been making a great impact on my son. Previously, he was a very reserved child but the interactions with tutors, kids and instruments has also greatly helped with his socialising skills. The library upgrade is also a major step in the right direction because it significantly assists my son’s overall development,” said Elvin happily.

Kristin Francis, Community Impact Officer at United Way thanked the residents for welcoming them into their homes. Outlining the many programmes, United Way has implemented in Fifth Company inclusive of early literacy, teacher training and parent workshops, Francis said “The kids are enjoying the learning and the parents are very pleased.”