Industrial Court dismisses CWU trade disputes against TSTT

Trinidad - The Industrial Court has thrown out the CWU’s attempt to force TSTT to reverse its decision on disciplinary action against 3 employees, paving the way for the company to bring some closure to these matters which had been in dispute for the past 7 – 10 years.

In February the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago delivered the last of four (4) judgments, all in favour of TSTT, for trade disputes filed by the CWU. The matters related to the dismissal of 3 employees for various breaches during the period October 31st 2001 to September 20th 2003 and the company’s decision not to appoint another employee to a managerial position in 2000.

TSTT maintained that it followed due process and fairly addressed the issues surrounding the dismissal of the 3 employees and declining to appointment the other. The CWU however were opposed to TSTT’s decision and filed trade disputes with the Industrial Court on behalf of the affected employees.

In giving its judgments, the Industrial Court dismissed the trade disputes brought by the CWU and held that TSTT’s decisions were effected in accordance with the principles and practice of good industrial relations.

The company has praised the court’s decision and feels vindicated that its policies for treating with disciplinary issues are fair and transparent.

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