Industrial Court gives decision on TSTT /CWU negotiations

Port of Spain, Trinidad - The Industrial Court has made a landmark decision ruling in favour of the company’s request for a 5 year collective agreement period covering 2003 to 2007 as opposed to the CWU’s request for a 3 year agreement. In delivering its judgment earlier today, the Industrial Court upheld salary increases already paid by TSTT for the period 2003 to 2005 and granted a 12% salary increase for the two year period 2006 / 2007 for Junior staff employees. The Court also outlined decisions on other issues which will give TSTT’s management greater flexibility in the administration of the company’s operations.

TSTT and the CWU had been at the Industrial Court on this matter since February 2007 after negotiations between the company and the trade union broke down in October 2006. ”This has been a long journey and as a Company we thank the Court for delivering this final decision which was in the best interest of employees and the wider community” said Edghill Messiah, TSTT’s VP HR & Administration. Messiah said the company was pleased with the court’s decision to make the judgment effective up to 2007. ”We are glad that our employees have been able to get their compensation more current especially since the CWU had been urging the court to make its judgments go only up to 2005.”

The judgment of the court’s panel of judges covered several other areas of the collective agreement which TSTT will review and seek to implement in the quickest possible time. “We also have to immediately engage the CWU to have a similar agreement completed for the other group of employees they represent, the Senior Staff, so that all persons represented by the CWU in TSTT can have consistent collective agreement periods” said Messiah.