Internet boom for Bmobile pre-paid BlackBerry® service

Trinidad - US President Elect Barack Obama made headlines for saying he couldn’t live without his, and recent sales figures show many Trinbagonians agree. BlackBerry® smartphones, the hugely popular brand of wireless handhelds, is selling faster than they can reach the shelves, according to local distributor bmobile. “TSTT has been introducing new models to the market every month since September. Our most recent addition, the BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip 8220. Launched less than a month ago has been flying off the store shelves with stores selling hundreds each week” said Jay Alvi, TSTT’s Executive Vice President – Enterprise Services. TSTT is bracing for mobile users to get into an even bigger frenzy with bmobile’s launch of the first BlackBerry pre-paid service in Trinidad and Tobago. Unlimited Internet access, reliable smartphone, online anywhere with the control of a low weekly pre-paid price. That is bmobile’s promise to several hundred thousand pre-paid users who make up more than three quarters of its total customer base. “The user’s universe of Gmail, FaceBook, instant messaging, learning and entertainment websites and more is all at his or her fingertips with the control afforded in a pre-paid service.” Until now, many BlackBerry smartphone owners could only use the device for voice and sms communications if they were pre-paid. “Bmobile BlackBerry pre-paid has unlocked the full functionality of these handsets,” said Alvi, calling it a new age of accessibility. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the leading nations in mobile phone subscriptions. The Network Readiness Index, a global ranking of countries’ ICT usage, puts Trinidad and Tobago at an amazing number four in the world in mobile usage. With an over 100 percent handheld subscription rate, bmobile also see’s opportunity in users upgrading from older phones to cutting edge tech devices like the BlackBerry. “The market is very mature,” said Mr Alvi. “There are more people trading up than there are first-time buyers. Data seems to be the exciting new thing in mobile.”