Lights ... Camera ... Action!

Trinidad - TSTT Foundation helping Next Generation reporters.

Eight budding journalists got the chance of a lifetime as guests of the TSTT Foundation at the TTFF / TSTT youth football clinic which featured players from both the English football team and the Soca Warriors. The young male and female video camera operators; boom operators and interviewers from The Good News (TGN) Media were out in full gear, media gear that is. At the Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya, they honed their news gathering skills against the backdrop of football heroes like Carlos Edwards, David Beckham, Aurtis Whitley and Rio Ferdinand sharing their knowledge of the game with an 80-strong group of eager, wide-eyed junior footballers and an even larger contingent of football fans in the covered stands.

“TGN Media is an inspiring training program that gives young people exposure to the tools for telling compelling stories about the things that are happening around them,” said Camille Salandy TSTT’s Head of Public Relations & External Affairs. Salandy explained that the TSTT Foundation was able to leverage TSTT’s sponsorship of the Soca Warriors versus England match to make the benefits of the youth coaching clinic extend beyond youths involved in football.

Maureen Arneaud, Founder of the NGO the Social Justice Group of Trinidad and Tobago which runs the TGN Media program concurred that it was a fantastic opportunity for her young charges. “They had the chance to interview football stars, children in the coaching clinic, football fans and local administrators including Jack Warner himself!”

The TGN Media youth came from all corners of Trinidad to shoot the football clinic. They came from Matelot, Toco and Cumana, met up with team members from Tunapuna, Curepe and Champs Fleur and Mr. Warner was surprised and delighted to find himself being interviewed by a 2-man TGN camera crew that had come to the event all the way from Rio Claro – his own hometown!

Arneaud said that memorable experiences like this shoot go a long way to building the confidence, self-esteem and character of the TGN Media participants. “Our program seeks to do more than give a job skill. We want to help these young men and women become exemplars in their community. They come from diverse backgrounds with myriad challenges. We show them that this should not limit what they can become and the TSTT Foundation has been an excellent partner in rising to the challenge of helping our young people.”