Local videogaming to go international with help from Blink Broadband

Trinidad - What’s the difference between fast and really fast Internet? Ask a twitchy-fingered online gamer right after a split second of lag costs him his virtual life. In countries like South Korea – where superfast broadband is readily available to nearly 100 percent of the people – a whopping 30 percent of the population engages in online gaming. It’s a great way to showcase the power of a network, and that’s why Blink Broadband is working with local organisation Caribbean e-Sports Federation (CESF) as the group builds an online regional gaming league. The CESF kicked off its ambitious agenda last Friday with an adrenaline-filled competition at the Brian Lara Promenade in Port of Spain – the Caribbean e-Sports Can You FIFA Championship. Gaming aces took part in furious virtual football battles on the Playstation 3. The eventual winner was 24-year-old Keston Johnston, who bested the competition in FIFA 2008 and won a $500 prize. Tomorrow (Saturday 13th September) the Can You FIFA Championship tour will continue at Price Plaza in Chaguanas from 9”00 Am to 5:00 PM and the CESF say their gaming activities will spread to the wider Caribbean later this year. “We will have tournaments in Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua and Jamaica,” explained Amin Gustav, President and Chief Executive Officer of CESF. “All scores will be recorded and placed in a ladder system so we’ll have a ranking of the region’s best FIFA players.” TSTT, through Blink Broadband is providing partial sponsorship for CESF’s efforts: “Blink is supporting us in our efforts to reach and regulate the gaming community,” said CESF Vice President Kyle Ransome. Blink is also involved in the organisation’s plan to build a fibre-wired gaming facility, and according to the CESF, this is a major step towards making Trinidad ready to compete amongst the top gaming countries worldwide. “Reliable, high speed Internet is really important for multiplayer gaming. This will make us world-ready to compete with players in countries like Germany, Korea and Japan,” Gustav said. For Blink, the e-sport initiative is an opportunity to both promote the speed of its broadband service and demonstrate the diversity of its applications. The provider now offers a whopping 10 mb service, which can be used for a host of business, personal and entertainment purposes. “We feel the e-sport trailer is a great way to demystify broadband to communities unfamiliar with it and show them the technology’s tremendous benefits,” explained Maria Collins, TSTT’s Blink Broadband Consultant. Besides e-sports Blink has partnered with other online projects to demonstrate how broadband access can help users in any sphere . Blink’s partnership with Caribbean Tutors is aimed at giving parents an online resource to help their children at school and the association with and Trini Tuners targets automobile owners and car enthusiasts. Since beginning operations almost one year ago TSTT’s Blink Broadband service has implemented a number of initiatives to improve high speed service in the country. Most recently they began providing high-powered email service through an alliance with the world renowned Google and have introduced new Wi-Fi modems for home to enjoy broadband access that can now be simultaneously shared among desktops, laptops and Wi-Fi enabled devices like game consoles.