Record Restoration of Service by TSTT

“In the face of increased demand, loss of electricity in most areas and concern among our staff for their loved ones, TSTT teams persevered in the face of Friday’s earthquake to maintain service and to seek the wellbeing of staff. A fine example of grace under fire,” said Edghill Messiah, VP HR and Administration, TSTT.

TSTT’s landline and mobile networks were put to the test as traffic on both soared to abnormal levels. Landline switches performed as designed and started to shed load to protect themselves and the entire network. Within half an hour of the event, call completion returned to normal with the exception of three remote switches in the South East: Galeota, Cumberbatch and Mayaro, restricting calls within these areas only. This limited access was brief and full service was quickly restored.

In reviewing the day’s events and TSTT’s response, Trevor Deane, VP Technology observed: “Our Mobile network saw unprecedented traffic with each of our three switches in San Juan, Thompson and Nelson running at 109%, 108% and 107% capacity respectively. These switches normally run on average at 40%. SMS traffic was also abnormally high. Mobile technical staff immediately started procedures to protect the network with assistance was given by the Nortel Emergency Recovery team to ensure that a major loss of service was prevented.”

While several cell sites were lost primarily due to a loss of power, most were back on line within an hour. The Company’s partnership with TTEC helped bring service back to normal in affected areas in Tobago.

Both VPs extended congratulations to all the teams who worked assiduously to ensure that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.