Restructuring exercise continues at TSTT

Trinidad - TSTT wishes to advise that as part of its ongoing restructuring programme to improve the company’s efficiency, it intends to reduce its overall staff complement by 4%. Approximately 40 members of its managerial staff were separated from the company earlier this week. TSTT has since written to the Communication Workers Union advising them that the company has identified 83 employees from within general staff whose positions have been identified as redundant with plans for separation.

“Since our initial announcement of the need to restructure in August 2007, to date the company has separated 9% of its managerial staff, and in this phase, the Union has received notice of our intention to separate what represents 4% of the general staff total” said Edghill Messiah, Vice President Human Resources and Administration.

The company has been engaged in identifying those jobs that are surplus to its current requirements as a direct result of the need to restructure the organization within the recently liberalized telecommunications sector and reduce cost.

“We of course understand that this is a difficult time for those who have served the company and who will be affected, and have taken the steps to prepare them for success in their future endeavors by offering counseling and employee assistance services through our EAP programme” said Messiah, while adding that the company wishes to sincerely thank those men and women who have offered their service over the years.

Prior to giving formal notice of retrenchment and in accordance with the Industrial Relations Act and good industrial relations practices, the company has invited the union to meet with it to discuss a suitable way forward for addressing how both parties might look after the best interest of these employees and the company.