Schools vie for huge prizes in national technology competition

Trinidad - BLINK/CNMG host Blink Tech Combat ICT Quiz

Think you are technologically savvy or are a student on top of the CSEC syllabus? Then prepare for war. BLINK and CNMG have partnered to create a technology-focused competition that pushes form 4 students to pit their knowledge against each other for a chance to win huge prizes for themselves and their schools.

“Blink TechCombat ICT Quiz”, a televised competition scheduled for late September, will not only give students a chance to win Hewlett Packard (HP) net books valued at $2,300 but also award the top three winning schools with fully equipped HP “Intelligent Classrooms” worth over $160,000 each.

Representatives of TSTT say the competition is designed to encourage interest amongst youth in information and communication technology as a field of study and to support the school system’s thrust to make the study of ICT in the nation’s educational institutions (ICT) more vibrant and exciting.

“We’re doing this both for our youth and the long-term development of Trinidad and Tobago,” explained Trudy de Verteuil, TSTT’s Manager of Corporate and Community Affairs. “ICT is one of the premiere tools in the arsenal of dynamic, competitive and productive societies. By fostering their interest in technology we hope to position our young people for prime roles in this knowledge-rich environment.”

Although primarily a programme by TSTT and CNMG, the Blink ICT quiz is benefitting from the support of several organisations. HP and Pearson Publishing partnered with TSTT on this project. HP provided the hardware being used as prizes and other support including information on how HP technology is helping schools in North America while Pearson Publishing donated IT text books which were given to every all government and government-assisted secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Each school received a copy of Heineman Information Technology for CSEC in registration kits delivered to them. All the questions being used in the competition were written and vetted by the Curriculum Division of the Ministry of Education using its CXC IT syllabus as the basis.

Mrs. Sharon Moonan-Sepaul, IT Curriculum Co-ordinator at the Ministry of Educationt said, “What impressed us most was the timely nature of the IT quiz concept and the format. Technology is not dry and boring. It is in fact one of the most exciting and important aspects of modern living. Giving young people a chance to represent their schools in a competitive event and offering these


valuable prizes can only intensify their interest even further. We were quite happy to support this programme.”

Phase one of the Blink TechCombat ICT Quiz began on May 17 with the distribution of registration kits containing a bmobile phone, the textbook and other paraphernalia to each school. On May 28 a multiple choice competition carried out through text message will take place. The second phase will be filmed in June and televised in September on CNMG.