Seniors up to par on Technology

Trinidad - When it comes to technology, age is no barrier to what you can do with it as participants in NALIS’s ‘Senior Tech Week’ are demonstrating. NALIS has planned several seminars this week to give active seniors the opportunity to hear from various experts about how they can get technology to work for them.

TSTT’s Kalana Prince, Product Manager for BlackBerry conducted the first seminar on “Smart Phones” on Monday 8th March at NALIS’s Adult Library and she was pleasantly surprised at the level of interest by the participants. “My goal was to demystify the ‘Smart Phone’ and they readily warmed up to the idea that the technology was their ally. Once they understood how easily it could help them keep up with friends and relatives and the ways we could help them do so at a lower cost, they were very enthusiastic!” said Kalana.

The participants were given hands-on demonstrations of setting up the handsets to do speed dialling and voice dialling, connecting to the internet to get up to the minute local and international news and using Google Maps and the built-in GPS on the handsets to enable loved ones to locate them and in return to locate loved ones wherever they may be in the world. “They also loved the idea that, for anyone on a fixed income, having BlackBerry Messaging service and Instant messaging meant that they could practically have an unlimited free communication service and thereby better manage telephone costs.”

“This was an excellent program” said retiree Stephny Providence speaking on behalf of the participants. “We are far more aware now about where BlackBerry smart phones can be of real assistance for us.” All of the participants were already very familiar with conventional mobile phones and agreed that the smart phone was a very beneficial advancement. Anthony Phillips, another participant, felt the device was a complete package. “It’s amazing. The phone features are great and when you add other features like the messaging and Wi-Fi it’s the kind of device I would love to have.”