TSTT’s technology team spreads Christmas cheer at St. Dominic’s Home

CTO George Hill, gives this young lad a boost to ensure that the tree gets its star

The finest gifts at Christmas time are the smiles of children partaking in the joy of the season.  TSTT’s Technology team members understand how busy Santa is this time of year so instead of waiting on him to tick this gift off their wish list, they decided to be proactive and take their gift of smiles on their own.

Interior decorating cannot be found on the résumés of the Technology team’s members but the employees showed off their versatility on Friday 7th December, 2012 as they gathered with the children’s from St Dominic’s Children Home to decorate the home with Christmas cheer.

For the second consecutive year the team pooled their resources to form a team of goodwill elves and lend a helping hand to Santa.  The employees were warmly welcomed again this year by the children of the Home as they visited them to help transform their space into one filled with the festivity of Christmas.

Smiling faces were not hard to spot as the employees and children worked together to decorate their Christmas tree, put up tinsels, balloons and have fun all at the same time. To ensure that their smiles last the entire season, the TSTT Technology team plans to go all the way as Santa’s elves as they get ready to host a party filled with gifts, Christmas goodies and loads of fun for the kids.

TSTT commends the Technology team for their initiative and commitment to spreading joy and goodwill; a true display of the Christmas spirit.