TSTT adds a spark to Ecliff Elie 2009 Collection “A taste of berries”

Trinidad - Whisper the name Ecliff Elie and immediately images of svelte models in original and innovative corporate designs, haute couture, swimwear, and ready-to-wear garments are conjured up. Now, the renowned local designer whose creations adorn Ministers, celebrities, business leaders and the fashion savvy is taking style and giving it a technology twist.

Ecliff Elie’s 2009 Collection ‘A taste of berries’ will be unveiled on Saturday 27th September at the Trincity Millennium Golf Course and guests will be in for a special surprise when the top designer also reveals a technology-inspired“berrylicious” fashion parade - an ensemble literally inspired by Elie’s love of the BlackBerry phone. “Just like the BlackBerry, the pieces are versatile, featuring an absolute bonus for the fashion conscious. You can make a clean transition from the office to cocktails without lifting a hemline,” said Elie. The segment will feature the BlackBerry inspired designs on models accessorising with the full suite of the most advanced BlackBerry devices. “Bmobile and RIM have been very kind to support what I am trying to accomplish with this collection. I think they more than most, appreciate what it takes to be on the cutting edge and understand the real-world relationship between trendsetters and the apparel and gadgets that they immerse themselves in. That is what keeps them ahead of the field.” But the technological connection does not end there, “Ecliff Elie 2009 Collection - A Taste of Berries” is going global. Blink Broadband is helping the designer to reach millions of people outside of Trinidad and Tobago by enabling the video streaming of ‘A taste of berries’ to a worldwide online audience. Maria Collins, Broadband consultant at Blink Broadband explained “The event will be streamed live and repeated at a later date giving Ecliff Elie’s collection a greater level of visibility. That helps because the 2009 Collection ‘A taste of berries’ has a universal appeal and people everywhere want to make looking fashionable seem effortless.”