TSTT and Three Sixty Communications Limited achieve full Interconnection

Following the signing of an Interconnection Agreement between Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT) and Three Sixty Communications Limited on September 21 2006, both companies proudly announce the successful and full commissioning of interconnection in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

“Having already signed an interconnection Agreement with another provider Laqtel, this is another important milestone for TSTT and the liberalization process in Trinidad and Tobago, with the widening of the competitive landscape for consumers,” said Lisa Agard, Vice President, Legal, Regulatory and Carrier Services. “TSTT and Three Sixty Communications have managed to leverage the cordial and professional relations between the two companies to achieve full interconnection within realistic timeframes.”

With the interconnection links in place and the completion of testing, Three Sixty is fully able to go live with traffic to and from TSTT's network, with the companies charging each other the same fee for the same interconnection services, where provided. Both the level of fees and the mechanism for charging such fees are wholly consistent with the findings of the Arbitration Panel appointed by the Telecommunications Authority, which delivered its decision on an interconnection dispute in August 2006. “We are extremely pleased with the progress that has been made and the cooperation between the two parties towards achieving full interconnection, leading ultimately to Three Sixty’s provision of international telecommunications services.” said Brian Jahra, CEO, Three Sixty Communications. “Our company is well on its way to achieving our goal of being a world-class global carrier as an international concessionaire”, he added. Three Sixty Communications is a joint venture company in which the Neal & Massy Group, through its ITC Business Unit, holds a 75% shareholding.

With the links in service, traffic is already being routed through the network and both parties will be monitoring performance over the next few days.