TSTT and Three Sixty Communications strike interconnection agreement

2 October, 2006

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT) and Three Sixty Communications Limited have signed an interconnection agreement covering the provision of international telecommunications services. This action follows the signing in May this year between TSTT and Laqtel of a similar agreement whereby each party will adopt uniform charging in that the providers and TSTT will charge each other the same fee for the same interconnection services, where provided.

In welcoming Three Sixty Communications - which is expected to join TSTT in offering consumers international telecommunications services, TSTT Chief Operations Officer, Bernard Mitchell, said the agreement clearly demonstrated TSTT’s openness to competition: “This signing upholds TSTT’s commitment to ensuring consumers continue to benefit from affordable prices for telecommunications services both within and to Trinidad and Tobago, even as the sector is further liberalised.”

Three Sixty Communications is a joint venture company in which the Neal & Massy Group, through its ITC Business Unit, holds a 75% shareholding. The Company’s main focus is the provision of quality, cost-effective international communications services.

Representing Three Sixty Communications, Brian Jahra, CEO, hailed the interconnection agreement with TSTT, saying: “This agreement marks the dawn of a new era for liberalised, international communications in Trinidad & Tobago. Three Sixty Communications is committed to offering world-class global carrier services in the near future.”

The agreement was signed on September 21, 2006 at TSTT House, Edward Street, Port of Spain. In addition to Mitchell, TSTT was represented at the signing by Lisa Agard, Vice President – Legal, Regulatory and Carrier Services, and Kurleigh Prescod, Head - Carrier Services.