TSTT and The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce Working to Make Our Communities Safer

On the 1st November 2006, Mr. Bernard Mitchell, Chief Operations Officer of the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) nd Mr. Darrin Carmichael – Administrator of the Neighbourhood Crimewatch (NCW) initiative met with the representatives of the St. James and Westmoorings Residents’ Associations to present them with new NCW signs and literature. The Neighbourhood Crimewatch (NCW) programme is a collaborative venture of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce and TSTT, which is designed to foster relationships amongst neighbours in a community, enhance safety and reduce the occurrence of crime.

In March this year, TSTT signed a 3-year agreement with the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce to propel the expansion of the development of nationwide Neighbourhood Crimewatch committees. Through TSTT’s support, the Chamber’s Neighbourhood Crimewatch team facilitates the bringing together of all the major stakeholders – legal experts, homeowners, the protective services and any other specialists suited for the peculiar needs of a community. To date, the initiative has been implemented in over 35 communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago, with numerous requests pending.

Mr. Gregory Stone, Chairman of the Security Council for the Westmoorings by the Sea Committee commented that “although the community is equipped with 24 hour security the NCW programme and signs have gone a long way in helping to deter the incidence of crime in the area.” This view was further supported by Mr. Brian La Fond, Head of the Calcutta/Baroda Streets NCW group in St. James, who expressed his gratitude for the for the assistance given to his community as there was now an enhanced feeling of safety and well being in the area as a result of the programme.

Neighbourhood Crimewatch Administrator Mr. Darrin Carmichael, stated that he was pleased with the programme’s progress as it was being well received by communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. He further expressed his appreciation to the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service for its participation and commitment to the programme.