TSTT announces “The best rates in T&T ”

Rates reduced to $0.25c per minute

From Monday May 15th, 2006, TSTT’s customers, both fixed and bmobile are set to benefit significantly from a reduction in rates to 25c per minute after the first three minutes via a special promotional offer.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Espinal, the company continues to raise the bar in adding value for its customers. “We are committed to ensuring that as many persons as possible can benefit from the services we provide at the most affordable rates” adding that the rate reduction is being introduced until final interconnect rates are implemented.

Gary Barrow, VP Mobile Services, pointed to the savings for bmobile customers in particular. ”For our bmobile customers, the rate for daytime calls after 3 minutes falls from $1.30 to 25c – so our customers will save over 80% on these calls. The same customer making a ten-minute call in the evening will enjoy a reduction in price from $9.75 to $4.95. A significant advantage for using T&T’s number one Mobile Network.”

The 25c promotional rate applies to domestic calls made from TSTT phones: from fixed line to any mobile and from GSM mobile phones to fixed lines or any mobile phone. FURTHER EXAMPLES

Fixed Lines A 10 minute call from a fixed line - was $8.00, now $4.15, saving $3.85 or 48%

Mobiles A 10 minute call from a bMobile during the Day - was $13.00, now $5.65, saving $7.35 or 57%

A 10 minute call from a bMobile in the Evening - was $9.75, now $4.95, saving $4.80 or 49%