TSTT apprehend two gangs of cable vandals

Port of Spain, Trinidad - In the wake of the suspected copper vandalism of WASA fixtures, TSTT security services caught six men in two separate incidents of cable vandalism around 4 AM this morning.

TSTT’s network surveillance system detected the first incident of cable cutting at Cumuto Road shortly after 3.00 AM Good Friday morning and a few minutes later a second alarm was triggered indicating cables were also cut on Rochard Douglas Road in Barrackpore. The latter incident resulted in over 500 hundred customers in Barrackpore losing phone and internet services.

Two teams of TSTT Task force security officers responded promptly and arrived at each location while the suspects were still at the respective scenes. At Cumuto the men had already started loading the cables into a waiting truck while in Barrackpore the suspects had not started moving away the cut cables.

The men were apprehended by TSTT Task Force officers without incident. Details of the identities of the suspects have not been made available as yet however TSTT did hand them over to the police for completion of the arrest.

Meanwhile customers in Barrackpore are assured that TSTT is working to replace the cut cable and restore normal phone and Internet service as soon as possible.