TSTT cable vandal nabbed

Trinidad - Intensified efforts to clamp down on vandalism against TSTT’s cable infrastructure are getting results. On May 1 a man was arrested for unlawful and malicious damage to cables at the company’s Cumuto Cell Site.

In the early hours of the morning, Everald Morris of #47 Five Rivers Road, Arouca, was arrested by the Police after a nearby resident called the Cumuto Police Post. The suspect was apprehended at the site with a bolt cutter in one hand and a length of cable in the other.

On making further checks, the Police found vehicle PAO 3288 parked near the site and on searching the vehicle several lengths of cable, a pair of pliers, another bolt cutter and two copper grounding bars were found. Both Morris and the vehicle were taken to the Cumuto Police Post.

Everald Morris was later charged for unlawful and malicious damage to TSTT cables valued at $7,200.00. He appeared before Magistrate Lianne Lee Kin in the Sangre Grande 1st Magistrate’s Court on May 2, 2008, where he pleaded guilty. Morris was remanded into custody and is to reappear in court on Monday, May 5 for tracing and sentencing.

Seeking to curb vandalism and theft to their cable system, TSTT has taken comprehensive measures to protect infrastructure and capture perpetrators. These include working closely with the Police Service and the public, as well as increasing their own security efforts.

“Cable vandals are going to find the rewards just aren’t worth the risk anymore,” said Dennis Gordon, TSTT’s Head of Security and Operational Risk. “With the support of citizens and the police, more of these criminals are being captured and sent to prison. Our message is clear - Cable theft crime does not pay."