TSTT captures vandals in raid on cell site

Trinidad - TSTT Security personnel came in for high commendation from CEO Roberto Peon for their daring apprehension of three men vandalising property and stealing equipment from a key cell site serving Forres Park Claxton Bay area. Quick action by TSTT security personnel foiled the efforts of Peter Mohammed (31), Majid Ali (23) and Bobby Ali, all of Macaulay Trace, Claxton Bay who had cut a hole in the fence to the cell site and were in the process of removing batteries used by the equipment. It is alleged that brothers Bobby and Majid Ali are involved in the sale of metal to Scrap Metal dealers.

TSTT’s fast response was possible because the men had unwittingly activated an alarm on TSTT’s upgraded network surveillance system. A joint team of officers from TSTT’s security department and a contracted security company quickly mobilized and intercepted the intruders while they were still on the compound. The team of officers comprised Inspector Ali, Corporal Gabriel and Estate Constables Fox, King and Gobinsingh . One of the startled intruders Bobby Ali, allegedly attacked the officers with a knife and was shot his leg. Peter Mohammed sustained injuries while attempting to escape over the fence.

“I am extremely proud of the conduct of these officers and the extraordinary results of marrying their professionalism with TSTT’s technology to stamp out the vandalizing of our systems” said CEO Peon. The CEO had only recently announced that TSTT was launching a commercial security service for businesses. “I am proud to say also that this incident shows that the service will get results.”

All three intruders were charged with being found on the premises of the Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited for the unlawful purpose of stealing. A charge of causing maliciously damage to TSTT property was also made against them. Property damage was estimated at over $120,000.00. Additionally Bobby Ali was charged with being in possession a knife for the purpose of committing an indictable Offence, namely to wound.


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