Trinidad -

On Saturday, 25th October, 2008 the scenic Cafe Coco was the ideal choice of venue for TSTT to connect with the Tobago business community at a reception aptly entitled ‘Cocktails and Conversation”. Proving that they are indeed ahead of their game in being a customer-driven organization, they saw the need to make this important statement to their corporate customers in the sister-isle… “We care about you, and we want to forge a serious mutual relationship. Let’s talk!” A contingent of senior TSTT personnel from Trinidad was on hand to welcome the guests, who included the Honourable Orville London, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA); Mr. Christopher James, Chairman, Tobago Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce; as well as a number of the heads of the major hotels and business establishments in Tobago. In his welcome remarks, Mr. Ronald Celestine, Head of TSTT’s Tobago Operations, issued a special welcome to the team from Trinidad and reiterated to the gathering the reason for this function. He noted that TSTT was demonstrating their serious intent to forge strong alliances with the businesspeople of Tobago. In addressing the gathering, Mr. London noted that TSTT has always been about partnering, and over the years has worked with the THA to contribute to the development of Tobago. He applauded TSTT’s initiative on hosting the event and expressed the hope that this was not a one-off occasion, but that the conversation started that evening would continue and lead to meaningful outcomes and further progress for all involved. After the brief formal programme, guests were treated to delectable refreshments and invited to view the displays put on by TSTT’s main lines of business – Blink Broadband, bmobile and fixed line services. The highlight of the evening was the drawing of the door prizes, with some very happy guests leaving with lucrative winnings.