TSTT Continues Sponsorship of Pan in the 21st Century and Down Memory Lane Competitions

Trinidad - TSTT and Pan Trinbago announced today TSTT's sponsorship of Pan Trinbago's 10th Anniversary 'Pan in the 21st Century and Down Memory Lane' competitions. TSTT has supported the event every year it has been held since its inception in 1998. "TSTT is proud to sponsor this event once again, particularly in this, the tenth anniversary year of the competition. Pan is an important part of Trinidad and Tobago's cultural heritage. We are glad to be a part of preserving that heritage," said William Powell, TSTT's Chief Marketing Officer. "Pan in the 21st Century has been a part of our commitment to Trinidad and Tobago for many years and hopefully will be for years to come." The Pan In the 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane Competitions have become signature events for steelbands and fans alike, promoting the versatility of the national instrument and showcasing the broader skills of pan men. Coming as they do outside of the carnival season, these competitions continue to help popularize pan as an instrument for all seasons.

Pan Trinbago President, Patrick Arnold noted, "we are extremely appreciative of TSTT's continued commitment to our 'Pan in the 21st Century and Down Memory Lane' event. We have big plans for this year with over 60 bands participating from across the country. Interest in our national instrument continues to be considerable." Regarding remarks he made to the media questioning TSTT continued sponsorship, Arnold said, "I did not realize that TSTT had been in contact with other members of the Pan Trinbago Board about their sponsorship. I am very happy to have TSTT on board again this year. I apologize to TSTT and all of its employees and regret any misperceptions caused by my remarks. They have been a loyal sponsor for a long time and a huge supporter of this country's cultural traditions." Preliminaries and judging for this year's competition will begin 4 April, with the finals to be held at the Review Stand on the Savannah on 19 April. See press for further details and ticket information