TSTT continues to support Divali Nagar

2 October, 2006

TSTT on Monday October 2nd presented a cheque for $450,000 to the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) in support of Divali Nagar 2006.

NCIC President Deokinanan Sharma welcomed TSTT’s increased assistance this year and said the cheque would defray virtually all of the Divali Nagar’s costs. “For the first time, we will not have to worry about being able to pay people at the end,” Sharma commented, adding that TSTT’s gesture was a wonderful way to mark the Nagar’s 20th anniversary this year.

Amoy Van Lowe, TSTT’s Head of Marketing and Communications, presented the $450,000 cheque to the NCIC and said TSTT was happy to continue to play such a supportive role in the promotion of East Indian culture, especially in this the Divali Nagar’s 20th year. Noting that TSTT has contributed to the Nagar over the years, Van Lowe added: “We are pleased to now increase our level of support for this premier event, which we view as being of significance to both the East Indian and national community.”

Divali Nagar 2006 runs from October 12-20 at the Nagar site in Chaguanas. An estimated 100,000 people usually attend the annual nine-day event, according to Sharma. Also present for the cheque presentation – which took place at TSTT’s upper Edward Street offices in Port of Spain – were Jeewan Mungroo, NCIC Treasurer, and Surujdeo Mangaroo, Divali Nagar Programme Director and NCIC executive member.