TSTT cushions consumers in slowing economy

Trinidad - Doubles consumers' Internet speed at no extra cost At a time when the Central Bank says the country is reeling from high inflation and productivity is slowing down, one broadband service provider is working to help customers hold on to more of their money while getting more out of their service.

TSTT's Blink Broadband, the nation’s number one broadband provider, rolled out a major service upgrade, doubling the download speeds of it’s Blink Basic Plus, Blink Premium and Blink Premium Plus residential packages. Users are now blazing across the Internet at speeds ranging from 1Mbps to as high as 4 Mbps in the case of customers with the Blink Premium Plus package. The other part of that great news is that the increase in speed comes at no additional cost to customers.

The company announced that in addition to existing customers , new Blink customers taking any of these residential packages will also get the benefit of twice the speed for no increase in price. The offer does not apply to Blink Basic and Blink Super residential packages at this time.

“To unlock the best that the Internet has to offer, you need the speed. Blink Broadband has made extensive technical improvements to provide our broadband customers with more value, features and bandwidth,” said Caleb De Souza, Head of Broadband Marketing at TSTT. “The doubling of download speeds has opened much more opportunities for users to exploit feature rich websites offering online gaming, training, social networking, music and other entertainment or file sharing services. We have evolved the Blink network to stay ahead of customer expectations and secure long-term business growth.”